~A trip to Cameron Highlands and No Crust Cheese Cake – 4 ingredients.


~From left to right: Apupa(Jaganathan, my mum`s dad), me, Tata(Ramadass, my dad`s dad). Apupa has wonderful memory, hearing, hair and health, but bad eyesight. Tata has wonderful eyesight, horrible hearing, pops pills like nobody`s business and even forgot who I was once ._. Oh, life. Both are aged 80+, and both are best friends. What a weird world.

~I arrived from Johor at Penang`s airport at around 5.30PM with my grandma on Thursday(21/08/2014). From there, the both of us met up with my dads friend, who drove my grandma(Auva) to Jaya`s to buy her dinner before dropping her home at Jalan Bunga Raya, then dropping me home. At home, I unpacked my luggage, etc, before my dad came home with Prashanth Anne from hiking with the PSC Hash team. Anna went to KL today evening to take an exam tomorrow there. Both my grandfathers left for India today early in the morning(around 5AM) to stay there in an Ashram for a month.

~Anyway, back to the story. Dad came home and complained he was having body pain and wanted to go for a massage. Aunty Dana(Dad`s sister) and Shamita came to leave Tata(my dad`s father) in our house. They left. Then, dad decided to make his wish come true and told my mum that he was going to go have a massage, and asked her, as well as me, to join. Heck, why not? Free massage, hehe. 


~After the massage at Holiday Palace(which gave me a back pain), it was 10+PM. Dad wanted to drop by at PSC(Penang Sports Club). Met Aunty Dana, Doc. Maha, etc. there. Then. we went to anandha bahwan cause dad was hungry. Got home and slept. Next day in the evening, we decided to go to Cameron Highlands! By 4PM, we were all set to leave the house! Reached Cameron Highlands at 8PM and booked a room at Parklands hotel. Had Steamboat after that! Yum! 

~Cameron Highlands is known for a few things — mainly for its Strawberries, Steamboats and Tea plantations. And, of course, its hiking trails. The next day, we found out that our room was booked by other people for Saturday(we only booked it for Friday), so we had to shift our belongings to Jasmine Hotel. I liked Jasmine Hotel more cause it had a homely feel to it. At 10.30AM, after all the shifting of belongings from one hotel to another, we drove to the BOH Factory. Had BOH tea and dad bought Green Tea from there :/ After that, we went to Mossy Forest!! 😀 It was super fun hiking there– the place was covered in moss and tangling tree branches and roots. Magical ❤


~We had lunch at the same place we had Steamboat. It was a restaurant– the only restaurant/building– that did not have many stories to it. Other buildings in that row went up a few stories, but not this fellow– nope Sir. He stood a single story among towers. Our hotel was in the same row as the restaurant. After lunch, dad drove us around the area– passed Ye Old Smoke House cause Suriavikram(SV) insisted on seeing it and drove to a few other settlements before heading back. Dad and mum are aged, you see. They require their afternoon nap as a power up. SV watched Parental Guidance on TV while Nar played Portal and Planet Explorer on his laptop. I signed up for this cool-looking game called School of Chaos on my HTC android. Mossy Forest hike:


~In the night, we explored the Night Markets. Nar bought a local burger but SV insisted on Killer KFC (the building is just opposite the row of Hotels we were staying in). I had Idly in an Indian restaurant (I think it was named Kumar) with my parents. Bought magnets and tons of fresh veges and corn in the Night Markets. Here are pictures of the Time Tunnel Museum:


~On Sunday, we went to Time Tunnel Museum first. Saw a newspaper page with the CAP uncle there(His name is Mohd Idris)– I met him once 😀 Went to his house cause my dad had a meeting with him, and we had dinner there. Nice people. Here`s a couple of photos of Bukit Parit– the hill I`m ashamed of.


~Then, we headed to Bukit Parit (literally translated as `Drain Hill`) and let me tell you this– that hill does justice to its name. Makes me want to cry, but the truth is the truth. The waterfall the Hill had had tons of rubbish in it. The water flowing was the colour of `Teh tarik`!(tea with tons of condense milk in it) Anyway, only my dad, Nar and I hiked all the way up Bukit Parit. Mum and SV went only half way before it became too steep for them. After the hike, we collected our stuff from the hotel room and left for our car ride home.


~There was a terrible traffic jam on the way back, so we stopped at a Strawberry shop thing and had cheesecake and strawberry milkshakes and bought more veges and strawberries and jams. We even bought 4 bags of different mushrooms for RM10!! Want some Shrooms bro? Hehe. When the traffic cleared, we got back on the road. Reached home at around 6PM. 

~Today morning I followed my parents to work. My dad gave me a task. Proof read the website NLTVC. Go buy their cameras haha. After doing that, I followed mum to fetch my brothers from school and had lunch at grandmas(Amuma– mums mother). Nar downloaded Sims Outcast on my Nintendo DS– let me side track awhile here to tell you about my lovely Nintendo DS. It`s almost 8 years old and still working like an exercise junkie. Love it to bits, but am planning to give it to SV– I have a laptop now. Uncle Rahmad (unsure of name spelling) bought it for me.

~Anyway, played Sims Outcast for awhile before deciding to make cheesecake. Problem is, the cheesecake I made with Kak Wilmar had a base, and my mum doesn`t fancy cheesecakes with bases! I had to google up recipes and finally found one. Used this recipe => No Crust Cheesecake.


~Cheese cake:

  1. 500g Cream Cheese
  2. 1/2 teaspoons Vanilla Essence/extract
  3. 3 Eggs
  4. 2/3 Cup castor sugar


  1. 3 tablespoons sugar
  2. 1 tablespoon vanilla
  3. 1 cup evaporated milk + 1 tablespoon vinegar (to make Sour cream)
  4. ~evaporated milk, vinegar, sugar and vanilla essence

    ~evaporated milk, vinegar, sugar and vanilla essence

~ Method for Cheese cake: 

  1. Preheat oven to 180 degrees celcius.
  2. Mix cream cheese and vanilla Essence until fluffy. Add in eggs slowly. Add in castor sugar. Mix until watery. 
  3. Pour into a buttered baking tray. Bake for about 30 minutes.
  4. Remove and allow to cool for 20 minutes.

~Method for Topping:

  1. Mix sugar, vanilla, evaporated milk and vinegar together. Pour on cooled cake.
  2. Bake for another 15 minutes at 150 degrees celcius.
  3. Cool on counter before chilling it for around six hours.
  4. Serve!! 😀


~I`ll rate this recipe 6/10 because I`m terribly upset at it becoming black at the top, even only after 25 minutes in the oven at 180 degrees celcius. I did modify the recipe quite a lot though. As a sour cream substitute, I should have used Yogurt instead of evaporated milk + vinegar :/ Oh well.

~Just read The House That… excerpt, sent to me by Nika. Interesting story. Now, back to reading Ajin!! 😀

~Something random I bought at the Night Market. It`s like a chewing gum made of honey.

~Something random I bought at the Night Market. It`s like a chewing gum made of honey.

25/08/2014(Monday) D’Residence, Penang


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3 Responses to ~A trip to Cameron Highlands and No Crust Cheese Cake – 4 ingredients.

  1. mudpilewood says:

    Thank you for visiting our site. The two gentlemen in your first photo looked very…gentle. You packed a lot into the post but I loved the photo’s and can’t help wondering why you got back ache after a massage.


  2. Try the lemon juice instead of vinegar and when you bake loosely cover the tin with foil 😉


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