Coconut Candy, an Indian Traditional sweet – 5 Ingredients.

~Yesterday Uncle Saiful picked me up from the Hospital after a Hearing Voices Meeting at 11.30am. Anil was with him. Together, the three of us went to have lunch in Giant Supermarket. I ordered Crispy Claypot Noodles with egg and Anil had the Claypot Friedrice and Uncle ordered Fried mee. Man, Malaysian food is awesome(albeit fatteng :/ gained a Kg and now I’m 40kg >_< ) The AH Club – the one Nika, Alya, Riya, Zoe and I are in – has everyone complaining that they're gaining weight and having to go on diets xD Oh, precious homeland food. So delicious; so fattening.



~Anyway, Uncle Saiful dropped Anil and I back home 15minutes before Uncle Selva usually comes back from the clinic(2pm) for lunch xD Such good timing. Nil and I watched South Park videos until uncle Selva came back. Then, Nil went up to do his studying and Kak Wilmar thought me how to make Coconut Candy!! πŸ˜€ Here’s the recipe:

Coconut Candy Recipe:

1. 3~4 cups shredded coconut.
2. 2~3 cups sugar.
3. 1 1/2 cups evaporated creamer.
4. 1 teaspoon Gelatine powder.
5. Food colouring of your choice. (We used red)
6. Vanilla essence. (Optional)


1. Heat up non stick wok / frying pan. Add in shredded coconut and sugar and mix for a minute.
2. Add in the evaporated creamer and stir until almost dry. Add in one tablespoon food colouring. Red or green is usually used for this dish.
3. Add in vanilla essence and gelatine powder. Stir until the bottom of the coconut mixture is dry. (See image. Until almost no more liquid is left.)


4. Turn off the stove and transfer the mixture into a tray. Flatten using spoon.
5. Let it cool on the counter for around 6 hours(do not put it inside the fridge, for this will cause it to become hard. The texture of this candy is soft and yummy)
6. Serve!! πŸ˜€


~I had fun making the candy, but right after we flattened it on the tray, I hit the hay at 3.30pm. Woke up at around 5.15pm just in time for Ajay’s return from school. He saw the coconut candy on the counter and got all excited. Wanted to try it out, and so he did. It was still quite moist, but he said it tasted awesome! Aunty Latha thought Kak how to make it. I give this recipe a 8.4/10 for living up to its sweetness on the candy level.


~Kak Wilmar, Ajay, Anil and I wanted to watch TV after that, but Auva (my fathers mother) gave us hell. She always hogs the TV from 6pm up till 10pm, even though she’s free the whole day. Why choose that time?? The only time WE are free?? She has the whole day…. Anyway, she has been selfish her whole life, what’s a little more? Anyway, Ajay went up to do his homework, ao Kak, myself and Nil went walking around Senibong Cove. We went to the docks. From there, we could see Singapore’s docks.
~Kak Wilmar made for us Char Quay Tiaw for dinner! Sehr lecker! πŸ˜€ Since Auva was still hogging the TV, the four of us sat in the second hall and chatted. We listened to Matsuri by Kitaro, Money for Nothing by Dire Straits, Sweater Weather by The Neighbourhood and Selfie. The selfie song was noisy and, truthfully speaking, horrible >.<
~At night, Anil and I stayed up till 2.45am in the hall talking when our grandma (auva) went to use the toilet. When she came out, she seemed very unstable, so Nil tried helping her walk when she fell to the ground right in front of the kitchen entrance. She said the room had too many Musquitoes and that she just wanted to sleep on the floor. Not knowing how to respond to this, Nil and I got her pillows from the room and set them beside her. Then we observed her sleeping on the floor. Nil turned into the kitchen and tried searching for beer bottles. Failing to find any, we used the Absolut Vodka bottle filled with cold water and set it beside her before talking a picture xD
~Today I woke up at 8am and got ready for my last day going to the Hospital. Today I followed Doctor Kadir to the ward. Doctor and four other people sat on one side of a rectangle table and I joined them. They discussed about their patients. Ocasionally a patient will be brought in to sit at the other end of the table and talked to. At 10.30am, they were done with their discussion. Doctor Kadir said I could go back, so I Whatsapped Uncle Saiful and now I’m back. Just had lunch and now I’m listening go Kitaro’s other songs while typing this post on my Handy.
~Okie, I should go now. TTFN!!

20/08/2014 Wednesday, Johor. 1pm


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