Choco Chocolate Mousse – 6 ingredients

~Today Sonya and Dylon Pillay came to visit with their father! I woke up at around 7.45am and had my bath. At 9am, Kak Wilmar wanted to teach me how to make Chocolate Mousse and Lemon zest Cheesecake. At 9.45am, Sonya and Dylon arrived– we were only half way done with making the desserts! The three of us ran upstairs to wake up Nil and Aj before coming down again. As I continued learning how to bake and helping Kak Wilmar, they talked to me. They’re such fun to talk to!

~At around 10.30am, we were done baking and Aunty Latha’s parents arrived. They wanted to use the kitchdn to cook ‘proper’ food. So, out went Sonya, Dylon, Aj and I. Nil was still asleep. The four of us went into the TV room to lepak. We were watching Honest videos by Fine Bros when Nil walked in. Then, Dylon wanted to show us a video Sonya showed him. Know what it’s callled? Youtubers react to Shrek is Love, Shrek is Life. For the good of your own sanity, I suggest you watch it xD
~In the middle of that sick video, Uncle(my dad’s bro; Aj and Nil’s dad) came in and watched it with us…. After that, he and the four of us were very quiet(as well as freaked out xD ) Anyway, we had a wonderful lunch at around 1.30pm together. Aunty Latha’s mother told me she would like to teach me to cook, but then she added that if I knew how to cook, to never tell anyone else. Cause once you cook for people, they’ll compliment your cooking, and want you to keep cooking for them(in other words, take advantage of you) Cook, but cook in secret haha

~After lunch, we brought out the Chocolate Mousse!! Since it already almost set, we digged in. Sonya, Dylon and their dad(Uncle Moe) went back to Singapore at almost 3pm. They’re mum had a flu so she didn’t come along. Me and Aj then watched R.I.P.D. Then we went walking and came back and lepak-ed around the house. Now I’m typing the recipe xD
Super Chocolatie Mousse
1. One packet Chipsmore chocolate chip cookies
2. 150g salted butter
3. 1 1/2 packets Hersheys Chocolate chips
4. 2 packets whipping cream (400ml all together)
5. 2 table spoons Dark Corn Syrup
6. Lychee or any fruit. (optional)


1. Crush the Chipsmore cookies until they’re fine. Add the softened salted butter inside and mix until the mixture feels like it’s glued together.
2. Lay baking paper on a tray. Flatten the dough on the baking tray until smooth.
3. Add the Hersheys chocolate chips into a blender. In a separate bowl, mix two tablespoons of Dark Corn Syrup and 80ml hot water. Pour it into the blender. Blend until watery.
4. Use a handmixer or mixer and mix 400ml of whipping cream until it’s all bubbly.
5. Add the Hersheys-corn syrup mixture into the whipping creme mixture. Mix with hand until both combine into each other nicely.
6. Pour the Hersheys-Whipping creme mixture onto the flattened dough in the tray.
7. If you want, add in any fruit on top. Kak Wilmar added Lychee because Lychee’s in Malaysia are sweet. Usually Strawberries are used.
8. Chill for around 6 hours. Serve!!

~I rate this recipe a 9.2/10 because the mousse is so soft and the base is sooo yummy!! Gtg now, Take care and TTFN!! 😀

17/08/2014 Sunday, Johor


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