Absalom, sushi and tons of shows

~On the 26th (Thursday), Alya and I went to Aachen in the morning. We went to the Asian shop at Hansemannplatz Aachen to get some Asian stuff– I bought tea, proper chili sauce(they also have sauces from Penang 😀 ) and buckwheat noodles. The both of us then had lunch at Aachen and wandered around the place. By three, we took the train back to Geilenkirchen.

~At four, I check my phone to see that Frau Edith has being trying to contact me– so I call her back. She tells me that she has only one extra ticket to a `Zimmer theater`. This means `room theater`. She invited me to join her. At first, I told her I could ask Zoe or Alya to join her instead(I was having a headache), but she asked me why I didn`t want to go since I had nothing to do, so I agreed.


~Frau Edith picked me up from the Bahnhof at 7.30 PM. I believe the show started at nine, but I`m not too sure– I wasn`t keeping track of time. It was called `Absalom`. Although the entire play was in German, I pretty much understood the entire story. There were words that gave me trouble understanding, and at the beginning I had to accustom myself to it, but overall, I loved it!! The story was pretty interesting (about a family of writers, a father, three children and and an adopted son) and it was a wonderful experience 😀

“Das hier ist keine Familie, das ist ein Rudel Wölfe. Wir bringen einander um, nur um einen winzigen Fetzen des Kadavers zu erhaschen, den du, Deine Liebe’ nennst.” -Absalom.

~I copied that quote from the booklet of Absalom (see photo) After the play, we had dinner (at 11 ._.) and then Frau Edith drove me back to Geilenkirchen.


~The next morning, I woke up late again. Riya told me there was a package for me at the Office. Alya was super excited over the news cause she used my eBay account to buy a bag and a jacket. We went to collect the package– it was her bag. After that, I went to Alya`s room. The both of us decided to make buckwheat noodles! 😀 At around three, we both completed cooking and brought the food into her room. Her roommate, Carmen(Jingwen Nie is her Chinese name– she`s the awesome girl who followed me to get the top of my left ear pierced), went to Heidelberg for a week.

~While eating, we watched random videos about zodiacs etc and watched half of the movie 12 Years a Slave. Good movie, but Alya`s laptop died half way through it cause it was outta battery. Reminded me of Django Unchained (which was naturally better– Quentin Tarantino FTW!!) I went back to my room to have my bath. Then I read this manga called `Seven Days`. So much fluff :3 Nika suggested it to me.


~The universe works in mysterious ways– and I love it! I remember the ending of last year, when I was nervous as hell about moving from Aachen Rothe Erde(I was staying with Kak Yaya and Kak May– two Malaysians) to Geilenkirchen. I was worried to death about not making any friends and getting terrible roommates.

~When I arrived, the guy who drove me to my dorm gave me instructions and left. I remember seeing Riya. The first question she asked me was “Do you speak English?” I said yes, and she was so happy; our other roommates were Namyen and Pudjeeb– both really friendly Thai girls who knew how to speak only German. Riya didn`t know much German when she first arrived.

~The next day, Riya and I headed out to Aachen, and I tried to be her guide. In doing so, we got lost xD From Aachen Hauptbahnhof, I was supposed to get us to Elisenbrunnen, but somehow or another, we ended up at Uniklinik… Found our way to Elisenbrunnen eventually. Our first lunch outside together– Nobis wraps. At the Nobis opposite the road to Deutsche Bank.

~We had our introduction week, and I met Alya and Zoe. The first time I met Nika, she was with her parents. Our room door was jammed, so Riya and I couldn`t open it for her and her family to enter. Riya had to use the toilet window to get out and help them in– such a wonderful first impression…. They came in and checked out the room. Then, before they left, I offered Nika a walnut. She was gone after that for two weeks to stay with her parents in Aachen.

~As time went by, the five of us got closer. God only knows how, but I really am grateful for it. And Nika`s a perfect roommate! She loves anime, manga, reading, and listening to songs! So many similarities we share 😀 And she makes all these awesome Russian and other foods and offers them to us and shes an awesome cook and navigator. One of the first places Nika, Riya and I went out to explore together was Dusseldorf. Nika led us everywhere and told us about the history of everything xD

~I don`t know if I believe in God, but thank you, forces out there stronger than I. And thank you, magic. I`m also reading `Lord of the Flies` by `William Golding`, suggested by Nika. I`m only at chapter one, but it`s interesting.

~Riya`s finger photo-bombing pics xD

~Riya`s finger photo-bombing pics xD

~ 28th of June was a Saturday. The day that the five of us decided to dress up to have Sushi at Ozaki Aachen. It was warm in the morning when I went to do my laundry, but in the afternoon, when we were walking to the train station at Geilenkirchen, it began drizzling. I swear. This weather. Anyway, at Aachen, Nika and Zoe bought umbrellas.


~We arrived at Ozaki at around two. Lemmi tell you why this place is awesome– pay around 14 Euros on a weekend and eat a sushi buffet for three hours! On weekdays, it`s around 12 Euros. The food is awesome and you`re allowed to order five dishes per round. We had three rounds. I ate the most and was sooo stuffed I could barely breath or walk after that ._.

~At night, we watched Beautiful Creatures (It`s like damn Twilight from the males point of view…. slightly better than Twilight though, thanks to the actors). To cleanse our minds from that movie, we watched `Four Rooms`. I love how I`m able to spot Quentin Tarantino`s works before even realizing he had a part in the creation of a movie. He even appeared in it at the end!

~Something someone wrote at the back of a seat on the bus

~Something someone wrote at the back of a seat on the bus

~Today I just felt horrible. We slept super late, and I woke up today at half past twelve. Had my bath, then decided to watch this anime called `Devils and Realist`. Again, Nika`s suggestion. Nika was watching it with me, and right now we`re at episode seven. It`s about Solomon and the picking of Devils– watch it.

~I`m going now! Gonna watch A with Zoe, Nika, Alya and Riya. Thanks for reading!

Geilenkirchen – 29/06/14 (22.11 PM)


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