Matcha Cake with Chocolate icing– Alya`s Birthday Cake!!

~It was Alya`s 19th Birthday on the 24/06/2014!! Lets begin this event starting from the 23/06/14 morning. I woke up at around nine. Zoe, Alya and I were to meet Frau Edith for lunch, but Alya and I had a `Veranstaltung`(meeting) on that day at 11.00AM– it was about us renting apartments and life etc. The Veranstaltung ended before one, so I sent a message to Frau Edith, telling her that we could still make lunch. But she had to take care of her grandchildren and take them to the zoo that afternoon. She suggested dinner instead.


~So now, I had the whole afternoon free. I sent a message to Zoe, asking her if she wanted to make a chocolate cake with me for Alyas upcoming B`day. She said sure, but at that time (around 2 pm) Alya and I were watching the second last episode of Wandering Son. Told her we`d meet at 2.45PM. At 3, we realized we didn`t have enough chocolates to make a chocolate cake…. I only had a bar of 70%dark chocolate from Lindts, and she had none. So, we decided to make Matcha cake instead and the icing would be chocolate! Here`s the recipe:

Matcha Cake with chocolate icing:


Cake ingredients:

  1. Flour — 240g
  2. Rising powder — 6g
  3. Butter — 234g
  4. Powder sugar — 100g
  5. Matcha powder — 70g
  6. Sugar — 210g
  7. Eggs — 4

Icing Ingredients:

  1. 70% Dark Chocolate — 100g
  2. Milk
  3. Sugar — 2 tablespoons
~Ingredients in the bowl

~Ingredients in the bowl

Cake Method:

  1. Add in the softened butter, flour, rising powder, eggs, and sugar into a large bowl.
  2. Mix the matcha powder and powder sugar together in a separate cup before adding this mixture into the large bowl.
  3. Using an electric mixer, mix all the ingredients together until it looks like cake batter. (Around 3 minutes or so)
  4. Add the cake batter into a cake form. Bake at 200 degrees Celsius for around 30 – 40 minutes.
  5. Remove and let the cake cool.

Icing method: 

  1. Melt the chocolate in a pot, and add milk gradually. Add in sugar. The mount of milk depends on the thickness you want the icing to be. We only added a little to increase the amount of chocolate icing.
  2. Spread icing on cooled cake. Leave in the fridge for twenty minutes.
  3. Remove cake from fridge. Use mayonnaise (or, better yet, proper white icing paste, if you have any xD ) to write the words on the cake. Sprinkle chocolate flakes if you want.
  4. Taadaa! Serve and enjoy!


~It`s a pretty simple recipe (since we practically just dumped all the ingredients into a bowl and mixed it), and it`s not too sweet (for those on a diet or don`t have a sweet tooth.) I`d rate this cake 7,6/10. We did use mayonnaise for the lettering anyway, hehe.

~After leaving the cake in the fridge in Zoe`s place, I returned to my room– it was only 4.30 PM. Invited Alya over and we completed Wandering Son anime!! My review is, that the anime itself was interesting, but I disliked the ending. I didn`t find out who ended up with who and I felt like not much was resolved. Unlike Death Note or Black Butler, I found this anime good as a one time watch– I can`t watch the same episodes again and again.

~Zoe, Alya and I left the campus at 6 something with the bus. That was when I realized that `thirty minutes before seven` and `seven thirty` were two totally different times… Frau Edith had said to meet her thirty minutes before seven, not seven thirty, but I heard it as the latter… We ended up in Aachen an hour late because of me 😦 I said sorry to her, but the guilt one feels for wasting anothers time is just horrible.

~Tea at the balcony

~Tea at the balcony

~Anyway, Frau Edith drove us to her apartment, where we had tea at her balcony. Using this to her advantage, Zoe asked to talk to Frau Edith privately. She got Frau Edith to sign an album that was being made for Alya as a B`day gift, for her to remember all the awesome memories we all had together!! 😀 After having tea, Frau Edith drove us to Elisenbrunnen, where we walked around for a bit. Then, she took us to the church there to see an exhibition– an exhibition had every 10 days in seven years!! There was mother Mary`s dress and all being shown.

IMAG3369 IMAG3370 IMAG3373 IMAG3374 IMAG3375IMAG3391

~Then, we had dinner at around 10.00 PM at a Sushi restaurant. I ordered Salmon sushi and Rice Tea, Zoe ordered noodles, Alya ordered chicken and Frau Edith ordered a pretty interesting dish. We had our dinner while watching Brazil`s football match. TV`s were everywhere along the streets! After eating, we walked for a bit more before Frau Edith drove us back to Geilenkirchen. On the way back to campus, Zoe and I began sending text messages to Nika and Riya. They needed to pick up the cake from Zoe`s room and bring it to ours! xD

~We arrived at Geilenkirchen at 11.52 PM, and Frau Edith came into Room 2 (where Riya, Nika, Moksha and I stay) with us to celebrate Alya`s birthday!! We wished Alya and hugged her, and sang happy birthday in German and English!! 😀 Then, we cut the cake and handed everyone a slice. After Frau Edith ate, she left. We then gave Alya our gifts for her– I got her a bumble-bee pillow cause it reminded me of when she dressed up as a Bumble-bee for Karneval 😀

~Having Sushi!!

~Having Sushi!!

~Everyone went to sleep after that cause most of them had classes the next morning. In the morning of Alya`s Birthday, she came to my room and we began this series called `Penny Dreadful`. It`s pretty interesting– involves vampires, Dr. Frankenstein and even Dorian Gray. Had cake for breakfast and tea. By evening, the series (currently at episode 6) was completed. At night, after having our bath and dinner, we watched Maleficent. Ohhh, how I`d love to critique this movie. I`ll do it another time, though– in a separate post. Do remind me.

~Today`s the 25th, and it has been another lazy day. Stayed in and read a manga called Ajin. It`s still ongoing though. Also re-read Cafe Latte Rhapsody (read it more than a year back and loved it!) by Kawai Touko and read two chaps of My Diary. Yeah…. Found out today that Shounen and Shounen-ai are my genres, and definitely NOT Shoujo…. Also planning to read Dolls Code, Tower of God and Seven Days. Will let you know how that goes later. Also, I`m catching up on Kuroko no Basuke anime. Began season 2 today, and am now at episode 3.

~Ohhh!! And in the afternoon at around 4, after I skyped with my cousin, Ajay Naidu, Alya and I watched X-Men Days of Future Past!! I really loved it!! Saved me from brooding and complaining over Maleficent, in the least. After that, I had my bath and dinner, and we continued with `The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen(2003)`. Still can`t believe the ratings weren`t better. I tell you, the world is crazy– they rate Maleficent as 7,4 and Extraordinary Gentlemen as 5,8?? Sheesh.

~We then watched an episode of Death Note (episode 1, cause Alya hasn`t watched it before– I`ve watched it two years back by myself, and another time with my parents) and KnB 2. At the moment, I`m typing in you *nsrea* Well, I`m gonna read a bit more manga before hitting the hay! Toodles and TTFN! 😀

Geilenkirchen – 26/06/2014 (12.44 AM)


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    Love your bakes! Keep the creations coming! =D


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