Königswinter`s Castle and hiking at Monschau

~I`ve just had a whole bar of Lindt`s Passoion Chocolat(Haselnusskrokant & Latte Macchiato), so I`m not gonna sleep anytime soon. Let`s get some writing done! 😀 (21/06/14) Yesterday I woke up super late (at around 11+ AM, usual time 8 AM) and had my shower. Still drowsy, I contacted Alya through Whatsapp(WA) and asked her if she wanted to go to the park in Geilenkirchen with me to sit by the pond and watch ducks and read the free Kinder-storybooks we got from McDonalds for buying their Kindermeal(Happy Meal) She said sure, and what time. I said 1? She agreed.

~At 12.15PM, I turned on my laptop to play german dubbed Vocaloid songs while reading this manhwa called Flow (Pretty interesting story going on there). At one sharp, Alya rang our doorbell twice (anyone for our room rings the doorbell twice). I let her in and changed into something warm before asking Riya if she wanted to tag along. She said why not– and that was it. The three of us decided to head to the park, and after that, to Kaufland.

~Alya`s McD burger got squasssshed by her bag xD

~Alya`s McD burger got squasssshed by her bag xD

~Adorable Alya being adorable :)

~Adorable Alya being adorable 🙂

~With our huge backpacks (mine`s a brown Bodyglove bag from Msia, Riya has a blue bag and Alya has this cool leather-looking brown bag) on our backs and our semester-traveling-tickets in our pockets, we left! On the way there, I simply, without thinking, suggested that we could actually go to Koenigswinter– guess where we ended up after that? Yup. Koenigswinter. Decided to take the afternoon train heading to Koeln there. Bought McDonalds burgers for lunch. At the train platform, we met up with two of our classmates! (Xin Shen and Xiaoshu) They were heading to Koeln to shop. Took the train(train ride lasted around two hours from Geilenkirchen to Koenigswinter and we had to `umsteigen` a few times) and reached there at around four in the afternoon. Then, we began our hike up.



~Can`t decide if this is a mule or a pony :/

~Can`t decide if this is a mule or a pony :/

~We stopped at a acid-making place on the way to the Dragon-castle. Only stopped for around five minutes though. When we reached the castle, it was five. Castle closes at six. We bought our tickets and went in! Naturally, we took selfies. We also took photos of the scenery. It`s a beautiful place to visit. It wasn`t even too crowded to be honest. There was a sign at the entrance of the castle that said no photos, but who ever follows those things, right? Okay, you may have those rare gems that do, but they ain`t us. Using my HTC phone`s camera, I snapped a couple of photos of the areas that were void of guards. Riya snapped some too. At one part of the castle, an Indian couple came up to me and asked me to snap them a photo with their camera– and I did. After they thanked me and left, we grinned. Rules. Yeah. “So existent. Much followed.” -Doge.


~The Castle


~We then climbed one of the towers of the castle. The stairs went on and on but we eventually made it to the top. Worth it. The view from up there was amazing~ We could see our entire route and it looked like no distance at all! When seen from the top, everything looks so near…. I wish Peter Pan was real…. Anyway, snapped some more photos(I think that`s the most you can do in those places actually :/ ) before heading down. On our way down, we met a guard who asked us if people were still at the top. We said yeah and continued down. Closing time. Used the toilet and left.

IMAG3251_1 IMAG3261


~We saw a tramp coming our way when we left the castle, so we decided to see how much it was. I think it was around 6-10 Euros per person! My entree ticket (4 Euros for students) costed less! Foot it is. On the way down, me and Riya decided to run. Alya joined us eventually, and it was awesome! One of those small things we forget to be grateful for– slopes. Slopes which you get to go down of, of course. Ascending slopes just hurts the butt and leg muscles. Then, we decided to gallop xD It was super fun! Like, skipping down the slope, but your feet make this galloping sounds.

PhotoGrid_1403465643589 PhotoGrid_1403465755623

~When we reached the bottom, we went to this restaurant which we ate at the last time we came. (I`ve only been to Koenigswinter twice– once with Riya and Fujie, and the second time was this time. During the trip with Fujie, we only ate at that restaurant before going back again because Riya fell sick) I ordered a dish that had herring in it. Sehr lecker! Although I`m no fan of the potato, my Biochemie (and Chemie) teacher says that it`s one of the foods which has all the proteins we need in it.



~After dinner, Riya wanted to go to the beach one or two stops near Bonn. We didn`t though, because it was getting dark and sleepiness caught up. When we reached Geilenkirchen, it was less than 30 minutes to ten! I tried to go to sleep at 12.00 AM, but ended up sleeping at around 3.00 AM+ ._. While I was tossing and turning, my roomie (Nika) told me that Germany and Ghana was 2-2. Shocked me to heck!! GERMANY, COME ON MAN!!!! YOU CAN DO IT!! Plus, I want my free holiday and discounts ._. Win for the discounts– think of the people. Hehe. I`m not really a football fan, so I`d like the country I`m staying in to win 😀



~Woke up at 7 AM today to get ready to meet up with Kak Yaya and a few other Malaysians studying at Duisburg– we were to go hiking at Monschau together. Me, Riya and Alya left at 8 AM and reached Aachen Rothe Erde at around 9.10 AM. The bus was at 9.26 AM. We stood near the bus stop for awhile. There were four Malaysians sitting by the bus stop, and I finally mustered up the courage to say hi and ask if they knew Kak Yaya. They said yup, and we chatted for awhile. As the bus arrived, Kak Yaya and her friend appeared in sight, running towards us. We exchanged greetings in the bus. The bus ride was an hour. When we reached Monschau, we began the hike at 10.30 AM after everyone relieved themselves in the toilet.


Action => Hiking.

Task => Finding a good picnic spot.


~We hiked all the way to a river, but the group we were following wanted to go to a lake (and so did I), so we kept going. We left the forest and ended up at a main road, then entered the forest again through a hotel route. Went upwards, and made it to the lake– not a suitable picnic spot. It was not a lake, it was a DAM. You know, those things they store clean water in. Reservoir. Yeah….

~At the resevior

~At the resevior

~Riya among flowers :D

~Riya among flowers 😀

~So, we wanted to use a new route to get back to the river. This route was uphill– VERY UPHILL. Super steep. Legs aching right now. Anyway, we walked all the way up to where there was three horses! We even pulled the grass and fed the horses 😀 Kak Yaya commented that these horses were probably used for Add`s — they knew how to pose for photos better than we did xD And seriously, the horses have better hair stylists than I do (I don`t have a hair stylist– that`s my secret to messy hair)


~After playing with the horses, we walked on flat ground for a bit before hitting ANOTHER HILL. Up we went. At the top, we realized that it was time to turn back before we got ourselves lost. Eventually, we got back to the lake! We sat beside the lake, and Kak Yaya and the rest took out the food they prepared. I felt embarrassed and bad at this part, because Riya, Alya and I did not prepare anything 😦 We didn`t know. When we have picnics, we buy food from restaurants ._.


~Picnic spot 😀

~Thank goodness there was enough food for everyone– even more!! Kak Yaya prepared delicious tuna sandwiches and brought apples. The Duisburgers prepared Bee Hoon, Banana-pancakes, sausages, French toasts, and the sauce to dip them in. We ate and played with the river water. Then, Kak Yaya and the Muslim students prayed. After they prayed, we packed the remaining food and left. The walk back was much faster!

~Oh! But let me tell you this– GERMANY IS NOT VOID OF SNAKES. Maybe lacking, but not void. As we were heading back from the forest path, a baby brownish-green snake slithered past us. I wanted to snap a photo but it was too fast. And I`m 100% sure it was a snake. Riya and Alya can confirm it.

~Kak Yaya is the girl at the back of me, smiling at the camera :D

~Kak Yaya is the girl at the back of me, smiling at the camera 😀

~We took the 5.29 PM bus (which was delayed by a couple of mins) back to Aachen Rothe Erde. At Rothe Erde, we said our farewell to Kak Yaya and the Duisburgers. Riya, Alya and I then took bus 35 to Elisenbrunnen, where we walked all the way to Aachen Hauptbahnhof. Arrived back at our dorms at around 9.00 PM. I had my bath, ate chocolates and am now typing here. Planning to continue the anime Wandering Son in awhile. Tomorrow Alya and I will have to meet up with Frau Edith for lunch. Before that, we have a `veranstaltung` at 11 AM about apartment-renting….

~Good night world and nsrea 🙂 TTFN!!

Completed typing at => 23/06/14 – 12.36AM


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