Strawberry Butter Frosting Cake!! The cake we made for Zoe

~Hello people of the Internet! I`m extremely sorry for not updating for ages! I wanted to update yesterday after my last exam paper (Physiks) but my entire room had no internet… From my roommate to my room-roommates :/ One room-room has six people, one room has two people. Six share a kitchen and bathroom, but two to a room. Get it? Confusing, isn`t it– life.


~Getting back on track– I was quite busy for the past few months. My final-exams began on the 13th of June(On a Friday– you know, Friday the 13th. Jason? Ring a bell?) with the German paper. The exam lasted for around six hours. At 8.30AM we had our Leseverstehen and Grammatik paper. It lasted for 90minutes. Karl Marx was in the text somewhere. Then we had a thirty minute break(I ate something sweet from our vending machine named Vendy).

~Next was the horeverstehen. It was about passive and active immunity and some Jenner lady who tested Cow Pox on some eight year old kid(Ain`t that child abuse or sth). Then, she tried to infect the kid with Human-Pox after the kid was cured from Cow Pox. Kid was fine. Yay! She tells her peeps who doubted her and stuffs. WHO came in somewhere too, to spread immunity to third world countries etc. After Horeverstehen was Textproduktion. A 250word essay on `drivers licence at 17?`

~Oh, but before that– on Thursday, the day before German exam, my Group(Group 34) was told that we were to have our Chemie exam on Tuesday(17/06) instead of Friday(20/06). Let me tell you why I went into a panic and why this info sucked. If I had my Chemie exam on the 20th, I would have had the entire weekend to prepare for my Biologie and Biochemie exam(16/06). Then, I`d have had Monday afternoon and the entire Tueday to prepare for Physiks(18/06) and another one and a half days to prepare for Chemie. But nooo. They decided to place our group on 17/06 and tell us about it LESS THAN A WEEK BEFORE THE EXAM. And I used to think Malaysian`s education was bad….

~What I did was, I spent the entire remaining Friday(exam ended at around 3) studying my Biochemie from scratch and completed it by nightfall (hehe one day mugging). I mugged Chemie on Sat and mugged Biologie on Sunday. On Monday, I sat for Bio and Biochemie at 8.30AM(ended at 11.45AM). Bio questions were about nerve cells and genetics(love this chapter man). Biochemie questions were on Dideoxy Methode and PCR Methode. I studied tons of experiments(Avery(Mouse man), Hershey and Chase(Virus), Arbor(+r,+m), Meselson and Strahl, etc) and got those two as questions instead ._. Was able to answer though 😀

~The weird exam had to be the Chemie exam. The entire Chemie exam was an oral exam. The paper you get depends highly on your luck– get a topic you`re good at, ace the paper. My topics were `radioactivity beta-Strahlung` and MO-Schema`. Completed my paper in ten minutes and spent the next twenty talking to the examiner(Sarah– she`s super friendly! Talked to her about the No-Snow-in-NRW last year, Football(Germany 4 Portugal 0), registration into Uni`s and her job).

~One of the things I talked to her about was how unfair this exam was. Before entering the room to solve my paper, I met my friend. She said she got `Redox-reaction` as a topic and it was super difficult. Another close friend of mine received pH Wert…. Then, I met another girl, who said her topic was easy. It`s so freaking unfair!! The examiners were my Chemie teacher(Chemie teacher is awesome. He`s also my Biochemie teacher and my favourite teacher for this Freshman year. Bio teacher`s cool too.) Bio teacher and another teacher who hasn`t taught me before.

~I was the last candidate for the Oral Chemie exam though for that day. My exam started at 4.30 PM and ended at around 5.30 PM. At 4.30PM, I was given the paper to work on in a separate room with Sarah. At 5 PM, I was taken into the examination room and had to present my answers. Then, I was questioned by my Chemie teacher. His questions were harder than the exam questions ._. Anyway, because my exam finished at almost 6 PM, I HAD NO FREAKING TIME TO STUDY FOR PHYSIKS. Ridiculous, I tell you. Just. Ridiculous.

~I`m just praying I pass my Physiks. If I don`t, I`ll have to probably sit for an oral exam for it. I really don`t want to…. One of the questions was about a Granade being thrown at a 30 degree angle at 40m/s. At the highest point, it breaks into two parts– one weighing 2kg and the other 4kg. The 2kg piece lands at the starting point. Where does the 4kg piece land? *sigh* Anyone have the answers?

~Anyway, after my Physiks exam, me and Riya went to Juelich. I followed Riya there to check out the apartments she`s planning to rent after her year in Freshman Institut. She took me to see the Juelich campus, and it was pretty cool! There was this spiraling staircase that goes up and goes down again without really going anywhere else– I have no idea what purpose it serves. Maybe exercise? Riya and me went up it and came back down xD Riya told me she never went up it for the entire three months she had her internship in Julich O_O

~Juelich trip

~Juelich trip

~On 19/06/14 I woke up at almost 11 PM because Alya came knocking at my door. Thank God she came, or I`d have slept till who knows what time. We discussed a little about Daniel Cells before Zoe and Bernice came. Told us they were going to Dusseldorf to have frozen yogurt and asked us to follow. I asked Alya, and she said I`d be fine if I went 😀 Today was her oral Chemie exam at 2, and I wished her best of luck!! Problem is, luck is a funny thing. You can`t control it. Unlike your grades or your actions, luck is random– and can be unfair. Freaking unfair. And our whole Chemie was practically based on luck. From the day of the exam to the paper you get– luck…. *sigh*

~I really want my friends to pass– and with good scores too. I mean, who wants to fail, right? But the roads life gives us are kinda weird. I always believed to just move with it– if I was meant to stay, I`ll be kept. If not, there`s a whole world out there for me to explore!! I really do want to stay though– and I want all my friends to stay as well….

~Gosh! So many events have taken place since I last updated. Okay, I`ll use my phones photos to remember what happened and when. On the 13/05/14 we had the sun going down super late– even at 21:53 it was still bright. On the 15/05/14 Rewe sold Simpsons-themed doughnuts. We took tons of group photos(the five of us– Alya, Riya, Nika, Zoe and I) Also began watching this anime called Tsuritama. Pretty cute anime.

~On 16/04/14 morning, Nika, Riya, Alya and I made a Strawberry Sugar Butter Frosting Cake!! It was for Zoe`s upcoming birthday!! Here`s the recipe:

~The Ingredients

~The Ingredients

~Ingredients for cake base:

  1. Milk – 120 ml
  2. Butter – 60 grams
  3. Sugar – 150 grams
  4. Flour – 260 grams
  5. Eggs – 3
  6. Baking powder – 6 grams
  7. Vanilla Sugar – 10 grams
  8. Salt (For taste)

~Icing Ingredients:

  1. Icing or powdered sugar – one cup.
  2. Butter – one cup.
  3. Strawberries.


~Instructions for cake base:

  1. Add flour, salt and baking powder into a bowl. Mix them.
  2. Take another bowl and add in milk and butter(not melted). Boil until butter melts.
  3. In another bowl, mix the three eggs with an electric mixer for around a minute at average speed. Continue mixing as you add in small portions of sugar(around 10 minutes).
  4. Turn off electric mixer. Add the flour mixture into the bowl with eggs and mix with hands.
  5. Boil the milk again until it really boils. Then, add the milk to the paste portion by portion.
  6. Now, put this mixture into a cake form and bake it for 25-30 minutes at 180 degrees.



Instructions for icing:

  1. Add the sugar and softened butter into a bowl. Use the electric mixer on it until you feel that it has an icing texture.
  2. Spread the icing on the cooled cake.
  3. Decorate it with strawberries.
  4. Cut, serve and enjoy!!


~Ta-Da!! Cakeee!!

~Ta-Da!! Cakeee!!

~I`ll have to rate this cake 9/10 cause I really liked it and I`m biased towards butter cakes hehe. It was really yummy though!! Nika provided the recipe– must have been from a Russian website. ❤ After making the cake, Riya, Zoe, Alya and I went for Tag der Begegnung(day of chance meeting) at our Freshman Institut in Geilenkirchen`s main campus. Nika didn`t wanna come though. She doesn`t like crowds I think.


~Tag der Begegnung!!

~We met Frau Edith Hochscherff there– she`s Alya, Zoe and my patent parent and she`s epic!! She`s super friendly, very social, is a teacher at a language institute and collects Tin Tin figures!! Her apartment is so lovely and she has this adorable cat 😀 Riya went to spend some time with her Indian friends at the Indian stall. Me, Alya and Zoe hung out with Frau Edith– we had cake, watched students giving presentations(about Einstein and Indonesia), playing instruments, singing, playing mini-football, etc. It was a pretty fun day.


~Frau Edith and Alya in the top pic. Tra and her Vietnamese friends in the bottom 😀

~Zoe snapping random shots

~Zoe snapping random shots of us walking back to our dorms– see our dorms at the background? That`s Haus 4 😀 We have a pond and you don`t 😛

~At night, Alya, Zoe, Nika and I went to the only bar in Geilenkirchen– Havanna. It was Zoe`s birthday the next day, so she wanted to go there to have drinks. Riya left for Amsterdam with her uncle and cousins after Tag der Begegnung, so she couldn`t join us 😦  We ordered a couple of basket sets(they have fries and nuggets etc) as food. I had a Martini as my alcoholic drink. Nika and Zoe took Long-Islands(damn tasty– took a sip from Zoe`s glass) and Martinis. Alya had coke– the drink most students live on.

~Havanna and blur us

~Havanna and blur us

~The next day(17/05/14) was adorable Zoe`s 19th birthday!!!! We celebrated her birthday in the afternoon at our room after me and Nika came back from the gym. Nika, Zoe, Alya and I chatted while enjoying the cake(Everyone got a huge slice so we considered it as lunch since it was only shared among 5 people– we saved a slice for Riya) We watched Dogma and completed Tsuritama anime too!! It was super fun 😀


~Watching Dogma

~Watching Dogma

~I wanna go hit the hay soon– Nika`s already asleep and it`s getting pretty late. Today(20/6/14) Riya, Alya and I went to Lindt`s factory at Aachen West after Alya`s Chemie exam. Then, we came back and ate chocolates while watching The Suicide Shop with Nika. I really liked it, although it was more of a musical than it was a cartoon.

~Anyway, good night world and all who inhibit it! 🙂 Bis bald!

(21/06/2014 – 2.12AM)


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