Tiramisu without Alcohol- easy to make, only seven ingredients

~Hello beloved Readers! I`m back from Paris and Besancon! PaIMAG1185ris was super fun, but I must admit that I enjoyed my time in Besancon more– it was more scenic and relaxing. Besides, my dad got robbed in the Paris train station near Paris Nord by a bunch of kids…. Anyone heading to Paris, watch out for a group of kids who push you into the train as you get on. Then, one of them will ask you if the train heads to one of the stops written on the train-destination board, causing you to look up. During the time that they were pushing you, they would have already taken out your purse/wallet from your pocket. Now they`re removing your money as you look up at the train-destination board. Then, they leave at the next stop and your money`s all gone.

~Other than that event, the trip was  pleasant one– me and my parents visited the Eiffel Tower, Louvre Museum, took the bus ride which took us to all the famous sites, and even watched Moulin Rouge in just two days! Then we left for Besancon, where we visited a couple of my dads pals and ex-students. On the day I was supposed to return(26/3/14), my train from Paris(a TGV train) was delayed by 30mins cause of a bridge burning(or that`s what I interpreted from the German announcement– the English announcement didn`t state any reason). When the train arrived, my parents got on it to help me find my seat, and the door closed on them… They had to ride the high-speed train all the way to the next stop before getting down, delaying their plans. Oh, life.

~Anyway, today I would like to share with you the recipe on how me, Zoe and Alya made Tiramisu(without alcohol). I say without alcohol, because we have Indonesian friends(Including Alya) who can`t consume alcohol. Alcohol can be added, if wanted. I met Zoe in her room cause she had extra Mascarpone that was about to expire in three days. These are the Ingredients we used to make the Tiramisu:

Tiramisu creme:

  1. 2 Eggs.
  2. 50g powder sugar.
  3. 125g whipped cream.
  4. 250g Mascarpone.

Here are the images of some of the ingredients we used:


Whipped Creme

  1. Tiramisu base:
  1. Lady Fingers Biscuits.
  2. Cocoa powder.
  3. Coffee powder(Optional- If making for child, try to avoid using)



Cocoa Powder

Coffee Powder

Coffee Powder

Tiramisu Creme Instructions:

  1. You will need three bowls and an electric hand-mixer.
  2. Add 25g of powder sugar and 125g of whipped cream into a bowl and mix them with an electric hand-mixer until they become one.
  3. Separate two egg whites from the egg yolks. Add the egg yolks into a new bowl, then poured the mixture of sugar and whipped cream into the bowl the egg yolks are in.
  4. Whisk the ingredients until thick.
  5. Take another bowl and add in 25g powder sugar, two egg whites(we replaced gelatin with egg whites because one of our friends can`t eat gelatin) and 250g of Mascarpone and mix with the electric hand-mixer until fluffy.
  6. Add in the first mixture(egg yolks, powder sugar and whipped cream) into this mixture. Mix until the mixture doesn`t flow easily in the bowl. It should be thick, but not too thick.


Tiramisu Base Instructions:

  1. Add coffee powder(four tablespoons)and cocoa powder(four tablespoons or more, depending on your taste) into a cup. Pour in boiled hot water into the cup and stir until mixed.
  2. You can either dip the lady finger biscuits into the coffee-cocoa mixture, then line them on the tray(we used a bread tray) or you can just immediately lay the lady fingers biscuits on the tray and pour the coffee-cocoa mixture after you lined them properly. (We used the second option because our biscuits kept breaking inside the coffee-cocoa mixture).

Overall Instructions:

  1. After lining the base of the tray with biscuits, pour the Tiramisu Creme onto the Base, then even it with a spoon or fork.
  2. Make a second layer of biscuits, then pour more Tiramisu creme(second base is optional).
  3. Leave in refrigerator for around two hours.
  4. Serve!
Lady Finger Biscuits being dipped into the coffee-cocoa mixture

Lady Finger Biscuits being dipped into the coffee-cocoa mixture

We decided to line the biscuits first before pouring the coffee-cocoa mixture onto them

We decided to line the biscuits first before pouring the coffee-cocoa mixture onto them

~That’s it! You also have the option of making your own cake base and adding the Tiramisu creme on it instead of using biscuits. You could even use the Tiramisu creme as a sort of icing for cupcakes! The Tiramisu creme recipe belongs to Zoe(as far as I know) I`ll have to rate this recipe 8,2/10 cause I`m a sucker for sweet things!!


~Thanks for reading! Likes and comments are greatly appreciated! 😀 Now, for a photo dump! Here`s a few photos of my trip to France!

My parents trying to copy the pose of the statue behind them

My parents trying to copy the pose of the statue behind them

Eiffel tower behind

Eiffel tower behind


Yeah it`s `that` painting-  Mona Lisa

Yeah it`s `that` painting- Mona Lisa

~Me and my mum taking a selfie with Venus de Milo

~Me and my mum taking a selfie with Venus de Milo

~To Besancon!

~To Besancon!

IMAG1410 IMAG1483 IMAG1490 IMAG1510 IMAG1513 IMAG1519



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8 Responses to Tiramisu without Alcohol- easy to make, only seven ingredients

  1. Thanks so much for sharing this recipe. We don’t consume alcohol or coffee, so I’ve never had Tiramisu. I will be making your recipe as soon as I can buy the ingredients. 🙂

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  2. Ladybird Lab says:

    Can’t wait to try your Tiramisu recipe! 🙂 Thank you for sharing the recipe and your beautiful photos xxx

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  3. Bipasha says:

    gotta try this!


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  5. Thanks for the good blog. It was very useful for me. Keep sharing such
    tips in the future as well. This was truly what I was looking
    for, and I’m glad I got here! Thank you for sharing the such information with us.


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