Saying Hi

~Because saying hi is considered a polite thing to do, when someone stares right at you 🙂

~Hello! I`m a little shy as I`ve never used WordPress before. I`ve decided to create one to keep track of my life. Life is, after all, moving faster as I grow older– or so it feels. I speak English and Malay pretty well, and know a little bit of Tamil and Chinese. Being in Germany now, I`m also studying German and being thought Physiks, Chemie, Biochemie and Biologie in German(No joke; that`s the real way the subjects are spelled in German. Adorable, no?)

IMAG0926~Don`t mind the `~` at the beginning of each sentence– it`s my typing-quirk-thing. Began using it years back, when I had to share a hand-phone with my mum. She would sometimes SMS my friends, and I wouldn`t know it until I went to school and they`d ask me why I sounded so formal when sending them texts. That`s when I decided to add the `~` in the beginning of my texts, and after sending the texts, I`d delete them so my mum wouldn`t detect my technique.

~I should also mention a few of the people I hang out with often. The four people I`m close to in this campus are Veronika(or Nika for short– she`s Russian and my roomie), Alya(Indonesian classmate), Riya(Indian housemate), and Zoe(Chinese campus-mate). Together, we have a group on Facebook called `Asshole Club`. Don`t even ask how that came to be our group name, cause If I explain it, we might be kicked out of this Institute– hehe.

~We`re studying in `Freshman-institute`(we even have a website by that name) and it`s located in Geilenkirchen– somewhat in the middle of no-where. The town itself is pretty pleasant, but it takes us around twenty minutes by foot to reach the main town from our campus… The buses come at one hour intervals, and end before 7PM…

~Alya is coming over soon. We are going to bake something! My next post could possibly be about what we baked– recipe included! Zoe and Nika have gone to Dusseldorf to search for Zoe eine Wohnung, so they won`t be helping out. Maybe Riya will lend a hand, if she`s free!

~Anyway, I hope you(the reader, who was staring at me at the beginning– and still is, to read these words) enjoy reading my blog as much as I enjoy writing it!

18/03/2014 – Tuesday.

6.14PM – Bedroom, Room 2, Haus 4, Geilenkirchen.


About Riverstardust

~Hey there! Glad we found each other :) Comment-- tell me something about you no one knows!! ;)
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8 Responses to Saying Hi

  1. XYZ says:

    Nice blog . Don’t know y I read that actually :/ . Was I stupid or was that interesting …hah 😛 . Gott all memories refreshed . I was too a Freshman student . But currently in FH . Anyway have fun 🙂


  2. XYZ says:

    Fh jülich only 😉


  3. XYZ says:

    Yup senior u can say . Having too much fun 😀 whr r u studying Duisburg or Fh ?


  4. XYZ says:

    Nice best of luck 🙂


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