You`re my panacea

Daily Prompt: Panacea

“Writing in that diary of yours again?”
Blue turned around to see Red looking down at him from behind.
“Yes.” Blue replied, turning back to continue his writing.
“Don’t you loose motivation in writing what you do everyday? I mean, isn’t it boring? Don’t you just outgrow and move on from it?”
Blue shook his head as his hand formed words in his native language- a language Red had little knowledge of.
Red sat beside him on the carpet of their bedroom floor. “You know, you’re the only one I know who’s been keeping diaries ever since primary school, and hasn’t given up on it. It was a trend back then, remember? But the trend died and slowly, everyone stopped keeping track of everything they did, day for day.”
Blue turned to Red, then said: “Writing is my panacea. I do this…. To let me reflect on everyday. To remind me of what I’ve done, and whom I’ve met. And if I don’t do this, I’ll slowly feel like I’m losing grip of my life- losing my control over it.”
“So… it gives you a feeling of control over the uncontrollable?”
Blue nodded his head as he began writing again. “Yes, sort of. If I miss writing for a few days, I start panicking. I begin feeling that I’m loosing track of my days and what I’ve been doing. I’d feel like I’m just moving through life in a dream- just drifting through, without a checkpoint. That’s why, at nights, I write. To anchor the whole day down, and to give it a sort of checkpoint. To not just live without reflecting on the things I’ve done.”
“Hmm, that sounds interesting, actually.” Red replied, closing the gap between him and Blue, then resting his head on Blue’s shoulder, watching him write.
“You should try it with me.” Blue then said.
“I had a diary, back in Primary school when everyone else had one, remember?”
“That cute one with a lock?”
“Yeah. But… I don’t think I need one. After all, I’m just drifting through this life. And I don’t see the purpose in keeping track of something that ultimately ends with no ending. Eventually, I’ll die. And all this writing would be for waste- it too, will perish, as time moves. And no ones going to want to read my life anyway, probably not even me.”
“Don’t do it for the world- do it for you. If it makes you happy, no matter how useless or time consuming it may seem, just do it.”
Red chuckled. “Yeah, maybe you’re true. But I don’t think keeping a written diary would bring me joy, because my diary is a person.” Blue raised an eyebrow. “Oh?”
Red lifted his head from Blue’s shoulder before turning to face Blue, causing their noses to almost touch, before grinning. “You- you’re my diary- you’re what keeps me anchored to life and what brings me joy- you’re my panacea.”
Blue’s face turned bright red.
“Idiot.” He whispered, hitting the back of Red’s head, then immediately rubbing it when Red went “Ow!” As things settled down, Blue continued his writing and Red continued resting his head on Blue, watching the pen dance on paper. And Blue thought, for a second, that wasn’t Red bored? How could he just waste time by watching Blue write, without doing anything himself? Then, he concluded that it must not wasting time, because Red probably enjoys it.
“That’s it, isn’t it? That’s love?”
“Huh?” Red whispered.
“Wasting time together- but never considering anything a waste if it`s done with the other. That’s love?”
Red yawned, snuggling his head on Blue’s shoulder. “Love’s a spectrum of definitions and meanings, and too complicated for me to ponder on- but If you want it to be, then why not?”
Blue hummed to himself. “Then, why not.”


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Are we who we are?

“Do we grow into our skins or do our skins grow into us?” Red asked.
Blue raised his eyebrow. “How high are you?”
“You know I don’t do weed.” Red replied.
“Must be the full moon, then.”
“No, I’m serious. If I met the person I was when I was 4 years younger, we’d be nothing alike. I’d probably want to punch that person, really.”
“Yeah, same here.”
“What I’m trying to say is, I’m not the me I was 4 years ago. So am I really the me now? Who am I, then, if I keep changing? If there were parallel universes, and I existed in them as well, would that really be me? I read that every choice we don’t take, our parallel universe self takes, but how can that be me, when the choices I make is what defines me? If that choice wasn’t mine, it can’t be me anymore, can it?”
Blue shrugged. “Maybe the people around us are the choices we didn’t make. Maybe they are our alternate self’s, making the decisions we didn’t make in this body. And collectively, we’re all the same person, but the same person that began at a different start point and made a different choice and took a different route.”
“And in the end, we all join again, sharing the same fate.”
Blue smiled, and Red giggled.
“We don’t need drugs to sound high, do we?”
Blue shook his head, grinning. “All we need is each other.”

Prompt: Launch. I based this on if we were the same person we once were when we were created(‘launched’)


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Fake it till you make it

Daily prompt– Resist

Fake it till you make it

“Don`t resist it- just accept it! If people are going to use makeup to mask their flaws, why not filters and photo editors as well?”

“Because it’s fake!”

“And who are we to say what’s fake and what’s real when everything’s a copy of a copy and every atom that everything is made from is different?”


“But, it’s like lying to yourself, isn’t it? Editing something to look more like an ideal than your actual self?”

“So? If you have the choice to live in a world that’s your Ideal vs this one, wouldn’t you choose your Ideal world? But, isn’t your ideal just a lie since it doesn’t exist? Or a fake remodeling of this world that already exists? Yet, the thought of living in it makes you happy, doesn’t it? And so you spend hours daydreaming about this ideal world of yours- a lie. It all comes down to your definition of ‘lying’. If given the chance, you’d change this world into your ideal, wouldn’t you? And so that’s what they’re doing with their photos and anything else they can edit- plastic surgery exists, you know.”

“I know, but I don’t like it.”

“Good thing they don’t do it to please you, then. Everyone should do what brings them joy, and if doing these things are what makes those people happy, your opinion holds no matter. We are, after all, forever chasing our ‘future’, and in our ‘now’, our futures will only ever hold our ideals.”


Yo, today’s MSP data collection (2nd day) was better than the first. Still not a fan of it tho. Watched three episodes of Sword Art Online with Gaaya- not a bad anime except for the ‘romance’ theme sigh Well, good nite, Ciao~




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Scent of you

Daily prompt– Scent.

It was seven in the morning. Lance`s eyes were still shut and his alarm was disabled, but he could tell that it was seven because everyday at seven sharp, the scent of pancakes would waft into the bedroom. He smiled.

Slowly, he forced his heavy eyelids open and pushed his blankets away. Normally, to get him to wake up at this hour was close to impossible- but for the past two years under this roof, it was one of the many things he looked forward to.

He sat up, stretching. Then yawning. He rubbed his eyes before scratching his head as he heard a soft humming coming from outside the slightly opened bedroom door.

Getting onto his feet, he shuffled his way past the toilet, completely pushed the bedroom door open and entered into a tiny walkway that lead to the living room to the right and kitchen to the left.

Messy bun. Shirtless back. Blue boxers that were slightly too large.

By the counter, a body tinier than Lance`s grooved to the tune it was humming as it squeezed maple syrup onto one of the two plates stacked with pancakes.

Lance walked up to Keith and wrapped his arms around the smaller individuals body. He could feel the muscles tense up for a second, before relaxing in his grasp.

“You know, you shouldn’t be wearing my boxers- red suits you better. Always waking up before the sun does to greet the morning red.” Lance whispered, looking down at Keith with half lidded eyes.

Keith tilted his head up, resting it on Lance`s shoulder.

“But if I didn’t, who would wake up to make breakfast for you?” Keith said, looking up at him with huge blue-grey eyes and a smile that he rarely shared with others. Lance redden. He could smell Keith’s sweet pheromones mixed with the strawberry scented soap he used and just wanted to gobble the boy up right there and then.

What did I do to deserve him? I could win all the lucky draws and lotteries in the world, yet none could win me this. No gold or glory in the world could make me this happy- Heck, I’m the luckiest person in the world- no, the universe!, Lance thought, as he gave Keith a squeeze and planted a kiss on his forehead.

But all he said was “I love you.”

And he knew the other would understand.


~OMG I can’t believe I just wrote a Voltron fic for this prompt blushes ANywayysss, I’ve watched Voltron S2 a few weeks back and it was niceee :3 N since my new insta is practically filled with Voltron posts, here’s a fic by me hehe ^^ I really like the topic ‘scent’ n would have posted this on AO3 but I don’t have an acc there so meh.

Also, today I skipped the first class (MiBi) and went for practical. We were free from 12.30pm but I had to go to the freaking hospital for our MSP project and that wasted like 5 hours of my life (got back at 5pm+ and was super exhausted.) All we did was sit in a smelly, non air-conditioned, spider filled room, searching through files. We got 10 done. We have 140 more to go FML.

Here’s something I have stuck on my wall that I wrote many years back about scents too: Different smells link to different memories. Take you different places~




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It must have been dark


“It must have been dark- where you came from.” He finally said to break the silence.

“Why would you say that?” She replied, staring at the twinkling yellow lights above them both.

“You’re always so quiet. It makes me think you’re lonely.” he replied, scratching his head.

“”I just like the quiet. The peace. Just because I don’t talk a lot doesn’t mean I’m lonely or sad.”

“Yeah, true.” he smiled at her, but she kept her sight locked above.

The rest of the ‘campers’, which were their classmates, were already long asleep in their tents. He could never sleep well away from home, so he had decided to sit by the electric fire in front of his tent only to find that the area had already been occupied by her.

After awhile, she said:  “Well, you must be happy- you’re always smiling.”

He shrugged. “I either smile or I cry- there’s no middle. I’ve got to deceive myself into thinking I’m happy, to push away all the hurt inside, you know? It’s easy- have you tried it?”

“Hmm,” was the sound she made.

“Well, You’re the easiest person you can fool.” He continued. “Just give it a go- keep smiling for no reason. You’ll trick yourself into believing that everything’s easy!”

The yellow lights above flickered. His eyes darted to the area of darkness to his right. A LED bulb that had once shone there just died. Their gym sure had a different atmosphere at night, he thought. A more calming, creepy feeling- especially when they turned it into a makeshift forest.

“But what if nothing matters? Then, does it matter if it’s easy or hard?” She replied.

“Well, it makes not mattering more joyful, I guess.”


Prompt: yellow




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Faded words

The sad part is that you get used to the good things too~

You`re always searching for something new~

Being bored and longing for change,

doesn`t it scare you that tomorrow,

‘You’ might just not be ‘You’?~”

Arthi`s red bareback gown sparkled under the spotlight as she pranced around the stage in her high heels, owning it.

“She sure has a good voice!” A man on the opposite table said.

“And amazing sex-appeal,” Another added, grinning.

Nisha rolled her violet eyes. “The lyrics she writes are faded on you both.” She thought.

You’re always praying, never for the same thing at different times~

and every time, you say this is the only thing you really want~

What do you really want,

when what you want keeps changing, then?

Oh, but baby, I know that all I’ll ever want is youuu~

Cheers and whistles echoed the room as Arthi bowed, before blowing kisses to the crowd. And yet her eyes were kept on only one, and those violet eyes never failed to returned her gaze.


Word count: 176

Prompt: Faded

~Today was a funtiring day(cause doing fun things can drain the E’s outta u). Finally got to see what Block A hostel of MMMC looks like!! Am currently reading(and am obsessed with) ‘All about J‘ 😀 The author, Asumiko Nakamura’s stories are so captivating and her art hypnotizes me. Thanks for reading ❤


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